Frequently Asked Questions - White Tea


Does White Tea contain caffeine?  

Current research has shown that while White Tea does contain some caffeine, the levels are lower than that found in Black and Green Teas.


How do you drink White Tea?

White Tea has a slightly sweet flavour with no "grassy" undertones sometimes associated with Green Tea.  Like Green Tea, milk is not added and due to the natural sweet flavour, most people find that sugar is also not necessary.  The tea has a fresher aroma than that of Black and Green Tea and in terms of presentation and taste, White Tea brews to a pale yellow or light red colour.  Most experts agree that the best way to brew White Tea is to bring the water to a rolling boil (not quite completely boiled) as boiling water can ruin the delicate flavour of White Tea.  Allow teabag to steep in the water for 3-5 minutes before removing and enjoying your White Tea.


What are the health benefits of White Tea?

As a result of the minimal processing, and because the tea plants are young and fresh when picked, White Tea has been found to be the richest in healthy antioxidants of all the teas.  Scientists have theorized that such minimal processing leave White Tea with higher concentrations of polyphenols.  These are naturally occurring substances that are believed to reduce or eliminate cancer-causing free radicals and also reputedly help prevent other illnesses such as heart disease, strokes and viral infections.  Further studies have even shown  White Tea consumption can be linked with fewer dental cavities.


How is White Tea different to other teas?

While White Tea does come from the same plant as Black and Green teas (Camellia Sinensis) the processing is different for all tea types.  White Tea typically has a higher proportion of buds to leaves. It is made by rapidly steaming the unopened buds and then heat-drying these buds, which keeps the leaves fresher and reduces oxidation.  In comparison, Green Tea is composed mainly of leaves which are steamed or pan-fried before being rolled.  Black and Oolong teas undergo even further fermentation and processing.


Can White Tea only be consumed as a hot beverage?

White Tea can be consumed as a hot beverage or an an ice tea.  Here is a recipe for Iced White Tea .

4 Lotus Peak Teabags

Honey to taste

1 Lemon, cut into wedges

5 Mint sprigs

Place teabgs in heat-proof jug.  Pour in 1 litre (4 cups) of boiling water.  Allow to steep for 5-7 minutes.  Remove teabags.  Add honey to taste and stir to combine.  Place in fridge to chill.

When ready to serve:  Add lemon wedges and mint sprigs to jug.  Allow to stand 1-2 minutes to infuse.  Serve your delicious, healthy and refreshing Iced White Tea.  Makes 1 litre.


If I drink White Tea at night will it keep me awake?

White Tea is very versatile.  It is great in the mornings to give you a boost for the start of the day and is also an effective digestive aid so is soothing after meal times to assist digestion.  Drinking White Tea in the evening does not usually interfere with sleep due to the low caffeine content and does not usually produce the irritablity associated with other caffeinated drinks.


Where can I find Lotus Peak White Tea?

Lotus Peak White Teas can be found in Coles, Safeway, Woolworths and other selected health food stores.  There are also three new flavours on the market - White Tea with natural Chamomile, Vanilla and Mint. These have all natural plant extracts with no artificial flavourings. 



Frequently Asked Questions - Yerba Mate


What is Yerba Mate?


Yerba Mate is a small tree native to some parts of South America including Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. The botanical name for Yerba Mate is "Ilex Paraguariensis". Lotus Peak Yerba Mate is an all natural product.


Does Yerba Mate contain caffeine?


This has been a matter of much research and debate. There are two schools of thought about this. One is that Yerba Mate does contain caffeine but due to the combination of it's other properties it does not cause any of the usual side effects of caffeine or coffee such as jitteriness, sleeplessness, stomach aches or addiction.


The other school of thought is that Yerba Mate actually contains mateine.  Dr. Jose Martin, Director of the National Institute of Technology in Paraguay, writes that "new research and better technology have shown that while mateine has a chemical constituency similar to caffeine, the molecular binding is different" resulting in Yerba Mate having the positive stimulatory effect of caffeine but none of the negative side effects.


Does Yerba Mate contain any healthy properties?


Yes, Yerba Mate contains 8 vitamins, 8 minerals and 15 amino acids as well as being rich in healthy natural antioxidants.


What benefits does Yerba Mate provide?

Yerba Mate has been found to:


  • Assist mental alertness and acuity.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Assist in weight control.
  • Fight bad breath.
  • Soothe the stomach.
  • Fight free radicals.


How do you drink Yerba Mate?

In South America it is traditional to drink Yerba Mate using a hollow gourd and a metal straw known as a bombilla. (See picture below) or alternatively it is brewed using a tea bag.

Lotus Peak Yerba Mate comes in a 25 tea bag pack for easy use.










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